Turning 40 is a significant milestone in a person's life. Different people reach this age with varying degrees of enthusiasm and dread. Along with the new age bracket comes a new era of aging related health issues for many people, including issues related to vision.

A common vision issue that begins to emerge for people in their forties is age-related presbyopia, more commonly known as long sight. An early sign of this vision problem is finding it increasingly difficult to read small print or clearly focus on things that are very close to you.
If you suspect that you may be developing long sight, then the first step is to book a vision test. If you do have long sight, your optometrist will provide you with a prescription for lenses that will improve your ability to see things that are close to you. After that, the next task is to choose frames.
If you've never worn glasses before, the thought of having to wear them may fill you with dread. However, glasses don't need to be frumpy. Here are three steps to take to ensure that you pick frames that are fun, functional and fabulous for a woman in her forties.

1. Choose the Right Frame for Your Face Shape

Finding that frames that flatter your face and don't add unwanted years to your appearance is important for feeling confident and comfortable in your new glasses. A big part in this is finding the right frames for your face shape. The right frames can add balance to your visage and highlight your best features.
For round faces, opt for square frames, which will slim down and lengthen your face. For square faces, slender frames in circular or oval shapes will soften your facial angles. If you're not sure which face shape you have, there are online virtual eyewear simulators which will help you determine which glasses will best suit your face shape.

2. Think Style, Not Fashion

Like apparel, glasses frames have different fashions which are popular each year. While it's great to choose frames that are modern and fashionable, it's important to remember that this year's trends might not be flattering for your face shape, hair color, or skin tone. For example, cat's eye frames in neon pink won't be complimentary if you're a redhead with a heart-shaped face.
It's a better idea to opt for frames that provide timeless style. They'll suit you better and you won't have to buy new glasses every time there's a change in fashion for fear of looking out-of-date. Also, choose frames that suit your personal style. If you love color, then a more flamboyant, embellished frame might be perfect. If your style is subdued elegance, then a classic black frame could be best.

3. Function Is Also Important

Glasses and frames can be a significant purchase, so it's wise to make sure that you choose frames that are functional and strong as well as attractive. Generally, metal frames are sturdier and more durable than plastic.
Aluminum, titanium and stainless steel are all used to create frames. Although more expensive than plastic, they're a good investment and will save you money in the long term. They won't need replacing as frequently as cheaper and more easily broken plastic frames. Adding a scratch-resistant coating to your lenses is another great idea for keeping your glasses clear and functional for longer.
If you're experiencing signs that suggest the onset of long sight, then contact the team at Vision Without Limits to book in an eye exam. If it turns out that you do need glasses, then the friendly team can also provide expert advice and assistance in helping you to choose the perfect frames.